Cofay is an independent and integrated company advising and investing in companies in Europe, thereby providing a unique service to clients and investors. Founded by Paul Dumas and Maurits Regenboog, Cofay has become an innovative firm with value added distinctive managerial and operational experience to face the challenges of managing growing businesses in an increasingly complex environment.

Our knowledge and experience has positioned us as outstanding in strategy, execution and investments and through our extensive network of relationships we are able to provide an unrivalled service to our clients. We have the necessary depth of professional experience and expertise to provide both a high level of advisory services and investment to companies.

Our independence and impartiality allow us to work with a broad spectrum of other advisers, companies and financial institutions. We understand the needs of entrepreneurs, companies and the investment community, thereby enabling us to work easily with both.

Alongside our private equity investments and project financing capability, we offer a range of consultancy and corporate finance services and, through our asset management we provide innovative solutions to investors.